United States First Day Covers

These FDCs are as scanned. Some have slight envelope yellowing from age.
A few have tape on the backs of the envelopes, but the front is not affected.

Click on a picture to view an enlarged image.

Scott #  Description Price  
1153 50-Star Flag issue commemorating Hawaii's statehood, issued 4 July 1960 Three FDCs for $24.00
 1208 US Flag over the White House, issued 1963
1299 US Flag over the White House with greenery, issued 30 May 1969

Scott #  Description Price  
1284 Franklin Delano Roosevelt, one of the Prominent Americans series, issued 28 February 1968 Two FDCs for $16.99
 1350 First "Stars and Stripes" US Flag, issued 4 July 1968

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Scott #  Description  
836 Three cards commemorating American Independence, sponsored by the Postmasters of America. Official States of the Union Historic Stamp Collection: Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania.
1026 History of the US in Mint Stamps: General George Patton, issued November 11, 1953.    
1424 History of the US in Mint Stamps: General Douglas MacArthur, issued January 26, 1971.

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