Persian Playing Cards

Enjoy Persian history every time you enjoy a friendly game of cards.  These durable playing cards are manufactured from plastic; they're not just plastic coated. Not only are they incredibly long-lasting, but they can also be wiped clean -  trying to get through a game with dirty or sticky cards is a thing of the past!

Every card is marked with both Latin and Persian letters and numbers, so they're ideal for playing with non-Persian friends and family. The back of each card is beautifully adorned with a golden Persian miniature design.  They are standard bridge card size (2.25" x 3.5").

These are the original decks (not reprints) from Carta Persica.

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Blue Cards   Turquoise Cards
$45.00  Q1   $45.00  Q1
Bridge Set of 2 Cards
Comes in sturdy plastic case $75.00  Q10