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Item No. 513

Red Box Q17 Green Box Q3
White Box Q4 Blue Box Q4

Card dimensions: 4.75" (12 cm) high x 3.15" (7.5 cm) wide.

The backs of the 50 cards are Persian miniatures, some of which are designed by renowned artist Ostad Mahmoud Farschian.  Others feature images that evoke the epic Ferdowsi poem the Shahnameh (Book of Kings).  The calligraphy is by Ostad Abbas-e Akhavin.  Not all designs are shown above; this is just a representation.  Some of the backs of the cards repeat in the deck, but the fortunes are all different.

Published by Peyk-e Farhang.

The cases feature a clear front for displaying your favourite card on the top of the deck.  There are four case colours to choose from: green, blue, red and white. Shipping weight 1.12 lbs.