Russian Tarot Decks

All decks are in the original boxes and the cards are sealed. Box art may vary from that shown.

Note: Prices are subject to change without notice.

Age of Aquarius Tarot

This attractive deck is printed in three languages - English, French and Russian.  The 78 cards feature unique designs that are sure to intrigue long-time collectors and novices alike.  There are also 5 blank cards included.

This deck was designed by Russian artist Marina Bolgarchuk and published in St. Petersburg in 1998. It comes with a 48-page booklet (only in Russian). The deck is sealed, but the box edges were slightly crushed in transit.  $55.00

Sviashchenniye Karti Tota (The Sacred Cards of Thoth)

 Authored by V. M. Khor'kov; Artists: B-52 Design Studio  ISBN 9785955001296.

An original Russian Tarot deck in Egyptian style. Created in Moscow in 2001 and printed in Kiev in 2003. The 78-card deck comes complete with a paperback book (272 pages, in Russian) under the same title.  $65.00

Shahen Yeremian The G.O.M.'s Cabbalistic Tarot

GOM was the pseudonym of a Russian occultist named Shahan Yeremian. He was a follower of Eliphias Levi, which in turn was a pseudonym for Alphonse Louis Constant, a French occultist and writer who was a great influence on many early 20th century occult practitioners. In fact, the notorious English occultist Aleister Crowley once claimed to be Levi's reincarnation.

Many of the cards in this deck are based on the Papus-Goulinat Tarot, which was originally published in 1909. The GOM Tarot was first designed in 1912 based on his teachings and descriptions.  This replica was published in Moscow in 2003. It is a 78-card deck with 2 blank cards and a 48-page booklet (in Russian).   Out of Stock

Magic Tarot

Published by the  International Tarot Academy (year not specified).  This is a 78-card deck with one blank card. The Major Arcana and court cards are illustrated; the Minor Arcana are in the Marseilles style. The card titles are in Russian and English. It comes with a 20-page booklet (in Russian).  Out of Stock


Russian Tarot

Published in 1993; publisher unknown.  This is a 78-card deck with illustrated Major Arcana and court cards; the Minor Arcana are in the Marseilles style. The card titles are only in Russian. It comes with a 20-page booklet (in Russian). Out of Stock

Vedicheskoe Taro (Veda Tarot)

by Tatyana Iodko, S. Levchenko (artist). Published in Moscow in 2000.

Here's a deck that has a distinctively contemporary feel to it, and yet stays true to the traditional themes of the Tarot cards.  Both the Major and Minor Arcana cards are illustrated.  This is a 78-card deck with card titles in Russian.
Out of Stock