Italian Tarot Decks

All decks are in the original boxes and the cards are sealed. Box art may vary from that shown.

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Il Tarocco del Mundo Nuovo (New World Tarot) by Amerigo Folchi. This 78-card deck depicts the discovery of the New World in the late 15th century. The Major Arcana depict animals as well as individuals. The Minor Arcana cards feature exploration illustrations. Coins depict crafts from the new world; Wands have a navigational theme, depicting globes and maps; Cups are mostly animals, from marine mammals to monkeys and parrots; and Swords depict Spanish heraldic crests.

The card titles are in Italian, Spanish, French, and English. Click on the box picture for more images. Q2  $175.00



I 55 Tarocchi di Alan by Mauro Boldi. This divination deck is a blend of Tarot and astrology. It has 22 Major Arcana cards (most titled differently from, but analogous to, tarot), and 33 unnumbered Minor Arcana cards, with 8 cards each in the suits of swords, batons, and cups, and 9 cards in the suit of coins. Click on the box picture for more images.

The boxed deck comes with an instruction booklet (in Italian). Q2  $65.00

9780880790291 Tarocco Egiziano. Designed by an Italian artist, this 78-card deck  includes the symbolism of the four elements, numerological value, Hebrew, Sanskrit, zodiac and planetary associations, Latin, Kabbalistic significance, and positive or negative qualities.

The card titles are in Italian. The boxed deck includes an English instruction booklet by Stuart R. Kaplan.  Q1 $45.00