M. R. Sharifi

A former student of Mahmoud Farshchian, M. R. Sharifi  has frequently participated in art shows, with exhibitions in Iran, the United Arab Emirates, Australia and Denmark. These prints are of his original paintings, from a collection entitled "Lost Secret."

Note: these are vintage items. There is wear around the border on the edges of these prints, especially the corners. This will not show when the prints are properly matted and framed, but please do not expect perfection. The dark edges are because of the scanner, not a defect.

Click on a picture to see a larger-sized image. 13.25"  x 9.5" (34 x 24 cm). A light border is around each print. Price:  $29.00 each.


Dissimulation Q2

From Delight of Spring Q1

Gaze Q2

Glad Tiding of Freshness Q2
Illusions Q2 Imagination Q2 Overfilled with Secrets Q2 Pen of Hallucinations Q2
Shelter Q2 Souvenir Q1 When Youth Q2 Creation Out of Stock