Item PL9

Dimensions: 48 x 24 cm.  $35.00 This vintage print has some slight wear around the edges of the border due to age; this does not affect the actual image and will not be visible once the print is properly matted and framed.

The caption on the bottom of the print reads as follows:

 Mount Damavand, near Tehran

Mount Damavand, the highest mountain in Iran, has for centuries attracted mountaineers, nomads and legends to its snow-covered slopes. The epic hero Feraydun wrestled with and defeated the evil giant Dahhak, chaining him to a cage on the mountain peak. Villagers living near the base of the volcano still remark that Dahhak is straining to be free at the first signs of smoke or rumblings often heard deep within the mountain. On a clear day, the 18,550 foot cone is visible from Tehran, fifty miles away. To climb the mountain is not of technical difficulty, requiring more in the way of stamina for what is a long uphill walk.