Item PL1

Dimensions: 48 x 24 cm.  $35.00 This vintage print has some slight wear around the edges of the border due to age; this does not affect the actual image and will not be visible once the print is properly matted and framed.

The caption on the bottom of the print reads as follows:

The mother of Shah Soltan Hosayn, the last Safavid ruler, constructed this theological college between 1704 and 1714 on the Chahar Bagh or Avenue of Four Gardens in Isfahan. The income from a large, double-storied caravanserai built next to the madreseh went to finance the students and professors of the college. The caravanserai has been restored and transformed into a hotel where guests can drink tea inside a garden courtyard and listen to the epics recounted by a traditional storyteller. The tiled dome and minarets of the madreseh rise above the hotel rooms.