The Immortal Land

This is a collection of 10 prints by Abdolreza Moshiri.  Moshiri was born in Kermanshah in 1972, and is the youngest artist to have achieved the status of master, a remarkably high honour in Persian art.  His works are inspired by Persian history and culture.

Moshiri's collection The Immortal Land brings remarkable new life to the archeological wonders of Persepolis.  You'll find the ancient legends coming to life before your eyes!

Dimensions: 33.5 cm x  48 cm (13.75" x 19"), including an attractive, light beige border around each print.  They look especially attractive when matted and framed, and make excellent gifts!

Click on a thumbnail to view the larger image.  $35.00 per print.

I-1 Q2

I-2 Q2

I-3 Q2

I-4 Q3


I-5 Q2

I-6 Q2

I-7 Q2

I-8 Q2




I-9 Q2

I-10 Q1