Nakhshe Negareen

The prints shown on this page have translations in English and French on the back.
The verses are from well-known Persian poets, both traditional and modern
Click on a picture for a larger image and the translations.  

Dimensions: 13.25"  x 9.5"
(34 cm x 24 cm), including an attractive light beige border around each print. 

All the prints shown on this page were designed by Kamran Kouhestani.   His signature is visible on each print.

$25.00 each

Item No. KN1 Q2

Item No. KN2 Q2

Item No. KN3 Q2


Item No. KN4 Q2

Item No. KN5 Q2

Item No. KN6 Q3


Item No. KN7 Q2

Item No. KN8 Q3

Item No. KN9 Q3






Item No. KN10 Q3