M. B. Jafarzadeh

This collection of prints is called "Nour-e Hasti: A Selection of Precious Qu'ranic Plates."
Each print features a verse from the Koran (Qu'ran), the Islamic holy book.

Some of these prints have an English translation in the lower left corner of the border.
We have provided that beneath the print, when available.

Click on each picture to view a larger image.


Monotheism is my way and whoever follow me Allah is the absolute pure. Verily Allah is free from the need of worshippers.

Item No. MBJ1

Item No. MBJ2

They are not equal those.

Whoever puts his trust in Allah will find that Allah is the source of wisdom and supreme power

Item No. MBJ3

Item No. MBJ4

We did send you to the human society as a Grace for their guidance. Advise your family to pray regularly and perform it yourself constantly.

Item No. MBJ5

Item No. MBJ6

The mercy of Allah is repentance.  
Item No. MBJ7 Item No. MBJ8

Item No. MBJ9

Item No. MBJ10

Each print measures 34 x 24 cm (approx. 13.5" x 9.5") including the border.  $15.00 each.