In the minds of many, the ancient city of Persepolis represents a golden age of Persian art and architecture.  It recalls the glory of a great civilisation once grander and mightier than that of the Greeks or Romans.  In fact, Greek and Roman architects tried to emulate the construction of Persepolis, but could never quite duplicate the width between the columns or the steps at Apadana, for example.

Persepolis was founded around 518 B.C. by King Darius I.  While many scholars believe that, like the ancient Egyptian kings commissioning the pyramids, Darius wished to construct the city as a testimonial to the strength of his Achaemenian Empire (and to a great extent they are correct), the city was also intended as a spiritual centre.  The main religion practised in Persia at the time was Zoroastrianism.  King Darius I claimed that "Ahuramazda was of such a mind, together with all the other gods, that this fortress (should) be built. And (so) I built it."

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PY21  Gate of All Nations 70 x 50 cm  Q1 $34.99 PY22  Fars: Immortals  70 x 50 cm Q1 $34.99 PY23  Darius Palace 70 x 50 cm Q1 $34.99 PY24  Persepolis Panorama 67 x 32 cm Q1 $34.99
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