M. B. Aghamiri

Mr. Aghamiri is a graduate of Tehran University, where he studied graphic design.  He continues to teach art as well as manuscript illumination and painting Persian miniatures.  He was nominated for the Nobel Prize in art in 1983.

Dimensions: 16"  x 11" (40 x 30 cm), including an attractive light beige border around each print. 

Mega Rare - now out of print.


The Cry of Oppression Q1 $37.99 Caresses Q3 $37.99
Gardens of Paradise Q3 $37.99 Golfarang Khatoun Q3 $37.99
The Sheikh of Sanan and the Jewish-Christian Girl Q2 $37.99 Imaginary Paradise Q2 $37.99
Listen to the Reedpipe Q3 $37.99 The Passing of Life Q3 $37.99
The Peacocks of Fantasy Out of Stock Golandam Out of Stock