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Item No. 455


This hand-crafted decorative plate shows iconic images from the ancient Persian capital of Persepolis.  The winged faravahar, symbol of the Zoroastrian faith, is above the figures, including a member of the elite guard, the Immortals, King Darius the Great, founder of Persepolis, and a Zoroastrian Priest holding the sacred afarganyu, a fire vase in which a fire is kept burning eternally. The fire is tended with sandlewood and incense or frankincense. The priest tends the fire by offering sandlewood five times per day. In the Zoroastrian faith, fire represents truth and order, a reminder to man to always be truthful and to live an orderly, balanced life..

The metal is chiseled and the dark contrast is created using very fine ash.  The ash will never wear off completely, but it should not be rubbed against the skin or clothing.

Diameter: 39.5 cm (approx. 15.5").