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KM82, 5 Piastres coin issued CE 1948 (AH 1367). Copper-Nickel. Last One! $6.50

KM91, 5 Piastres coin issued CE 1960 (AH 1380). Aluminum-Bronze. Last One! $6.49

 KM80, 50 Piastres coin issued CE 1947 (AH 1366). Silver 0.09oz ASW. Last One! $29.00

P111b, 1,000 Pound Note Issued 1997. The front has a portrait of former President Hafez Al-Assad, an ancient dinar coin, the Umayyad mosque in the old city of Damascus, and an Ugaritic clay tablet from the ancient city of Ebla. There are also ancient portico support columns on the left and right sides. The reverse illustrations are oil workers and a refinery, a ship, and a combine harvester. There is a small outline map of Syria in a circle above the oil refinery.  Uncirculated.

Each pair of notes has consecutive serial numbers.  The actual serial numbers you receive will vary from those shown, but they will be consecutive. Q15 $55.00


P63, 1 Livre note issued CE 1949. Q0 $45.00 Out of Stock