Columbian Coins

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20 Centavos (2-1/2Escudos), issued 1941. Silver 0.06oz ASW. Obverse: profile of Simon Bolivar; Reverse: eagle and coat of arms. Circulated. Q1  $23.99


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P425b, 50 Pesos Oro note issued 1986. Front: Camilo Torres Tenorio (1766-1816),  a Colombian politician. He is credited as being an early founder of the nation due to his role in early struggles for independence from Spain. Reverse:  Columbian orchids. Uncirculated.

P409d, 20 Pesos Oro note issued 1982. Front: Francisco José de Caldas (1768-1816), a lawyer, military engineer, self-taught naturalist, mathematician, geographer and inventor who was executed for advocating independence from Spain. Reverse: artifacts from the Gold Museum in Bogota. Uncirculated.

P407g, 10 Pesos Oro note issued 1980. Front: General Antonio Nariño (1765-1823), a political leader who translated the 1794 French document "Declaration of the Rights of Man" into Spanish and circulated copies, becoming an early advocate for independence from Spain. Reverse: Archeological Park in San Agustín. Uncirculated.

P406f, 5 Pesos Oro note issued  1978. Front:  an Andean Condor; José Maria Córdoba (1799-1829), also known as the "Hero of Ayacucho", was a General of the Colombian army during the Latin American War of independence from Spain. Reverse: Castillo San Felipe de Barajas in Cartagena. Uncirculated.

P413b, 2 Pesos Oro note issued 1976. Front: Policarpa Salavarrieta (1795-1817), "La Pola," was a Neogranadine seamstress who spied for the Revolutionary Forces during the war for independence. Reverse: Balsa wood raft of Muisca, now on display in the Gold Museum in Bogota. Uncirculated.

P404e, 1 Peso Oro note issued 1973. Front: Simón Bolívar (1783-1830), a Venezuelan statesman who led several South American nations in their revolts against Spanish imperial rule. General Francisco de Paula Santander (1792-1840), a Colombian military and political leader during the 1810–1819 independence war. Reverse: an Andean condor, an important bird in South American mythology and folklore. Uncirculated.