China Collectible Coins & Bank Notes

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CN198, 50 dollar note issued 1928 from the Central Bank of Shanghai. Edges are stained and there is evidence of folding. The front is a portrait of Sun Yat-Sen, the first President of the post-imperial Republic of China, on a blue background. The reverse is writing with a red and multi-color background. Serial number received may vary from that shown.

Fair to Good. Q2 $45.00 (folded); $60.00 (unfolded).


Hell bank notes are spirit money, made from joss paper, an afterlife monetary paper offering used in traditional Chinese ancestor veneration, that can be printed in the style of western or Chinese paper bank notes. They usually have large denominations. This one, issued in 1965, is marked as one million yuan.

Extra fine. Q1. $23.99


P903, 5 yuan note issued 2005. The front has a portrait of Mao Zedong; the reverse has an illustration of a mountain valley.

Uncirculated. Q1 $19.99