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Following the success of the dollar coin replacing the dollar bill, the Royal Canadian Mint introduced a two-dollar coin to replace the two-dollar bill. The polar bear was designed by wildlife artist Brent Townsend. This bi-metallic coin was struck in 0.99 nickel outer ring and 0.92 copper 0.06 aluminum 0.02 nickel inner core; weight 7.3 grams; diameter 28 mm. Comes with original box and certificate. Q1 $75.00

KM # 22 5 Cents, minted 1913. Weight: .0346 oz ASW, .925 Silver. Ruler: George V. Obv: Crowned Bust. Rev: Denomination and date within wreath, crowned above. Q1

Both coins for $24.99

KM# 23 10 CENTS, minted 1910. Weight: 2.3240 g. Comp.: 0.9250 Silver 0.0691 oz. ASW Ruler: George V Obv.: Crowned bust left Rev.: Denomination and date within wreath, crown above Edge: Reeded Size: 18.03 mm. Q1

KM149 Dollar Coin minted 1986 to commemorate the centenary of the Vancouver Railway. Proof. .3750 oz silver. In original case. $29.99

KM 161 Dollar Coin minted 1988 to commemorate the Saint-Maurice Ironworks. Proof. .3750 oz. silver. In original case. $29.99

Bearing unique designs related to the 2010 Winter Games, this first-of-its-kind circulation program includes a total of 17 coins - ten quarters honouring snow and ice sports from the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games, two quarters honouring ice sports from the Vancouver 2010 Paralympic Winter Games, two lucky loonies and three quarters celebrating Canada's favourite Olympic Winter Moments. Complete list with original release dates: 25-cent Curling Coin (February 23, 2007); 25-cent Ice Hockey Coin (April 4, 2007); 25-cent Wheelchair Curling Coin (July 11, 2007); 25-cent Biathlon Coin (September 12, 2007); 25-cent Alpine Skiing Coin (October 24, 2007); 25-cent Snowboard Coin (February 20, 2008); 25-cent Freestyle Skiing Coin (April 16, 2008); Lucky Loonie (July 23, 2008); 25-cent Figure Skating Coin (November 18, 2008); 25-cent Cross Country Skiing Coin (January 15, 2009); 25-cent Speed Skating Coin (March 12, 2009); 25-cent Bobsleigh Coin (June 23, 2009); 25-cent Moment 1 - Men's Ice Hockey (September 29, 2009); 25-cent Moment 2 - Women's Ice Hockey (November 17, 2009); 25-cent Moment 3 - Cindy Klassen, Speed Skater (January 5, 2010); Lucky Loonie (February 12, 2010); 25-cent Ice Sledge Hockey (March 18, 2010). Q0 Out of Stock