Persian Playing Cards

Enjoy Persian history every time you enjoy a friendly game of cards.  These durable playing cards are manufactured from plastic; they're not just plastic coated. Not only are they incredibly long-lasting, but they can also be wiped clean -  trying to get through a game with dirty or sticky cards is a thing of the past!

Every card is marked with both Latin and Persian letters and numbers, so they're ideal for playing with non-Persian friends and family. The back of each card is beautifully adorned with a golden Persian miniature design.  They are standard bridge card size (2.25" x 3.5").

Each suit commemorates one of four Persian ruling dynasties: 

Spades - Achaemenid Dynasty (550 - 330 BCE)
Hearts - Sassanid Dynasty (224 - 651)
Diamonds - Safavid Dynasty (1502 - 1737)
Clubs - Afsharid Dynasty (1737 -  1749)
The jokers are the mythological phoenix.

Select a single deck with either a blue or turquoise back, or a set of two decks (suitable for bridge) in both colors.
Click on the picture of the backs of the decks to enlarge.

Single Deck with Blue Persian Miniature Background
(Click on the picture to enlarge)

Single Deck with Turquoise Persian Miniature Background (Click on the picture to enlarge)

Bridge Set: Two Decks