Shah Nematollah Vali

Shah Nematollah Vali (1330-1431) was a Sufi poet and scholar.  He was born in Aleppo in what is now Syria, later traveling to Samarkand and eventually settling in Kerman. During his travels, he studied with well-known Sufi masters of the time, and later became well-known as a teacher in his own right.

 By the time Vali died, his fame had spread from his home in Mahan (where his tomb is located) through Persia and into India. His followers formed the Nematollahi, a Sufi order which still exists today.




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9789643514914 Vali, Shah Nematollah. The Divan of  Shah-e Nematollah Vali. Poetry, 735 pages, 25 cm. This is a comprehensive collection of Vali's surviving works, complete with glossary and a preface by Saeed Nafisi. 3rd Edition. Tehran: Intisharat-e Negah, 1391 (2012 CE). Hardcover. 1 $85.00
Out of Stock Vali, Shah Nematollah. The Divan of Kamal-e Shah-e Nematollah Vali. Poetry, 660 pages, 25 cm. Preface by Ismail Shahroodi. This volume is a compilation of Vali's surviving works; his followers consider them prophesies. The text is entirely in Persian (Farsi).  Tehran: Intisharat-e Gooli, 1370 (1991 CE). 4th Edition. There is no ISBN. Hardcover with some signs of shelf wear. 0 $70.00