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Arendt, Hannah. The Last Interview and Other Conversations. Philosophy, 136 pages, 22 cm. Translated into Persian by Hooshang Gerani. Arendt (1906-1975) was one of the foremost political philosophers of the twentieth century. She fled Europe for the United States in 1941 and spent her career as a professor at a number of American universities, including the New School for Social Research and University of Chicago. She is best known for her books The Origins of Totalitarianism and Eichmann in Jerusalem.  This book is a collection of interviews spanning the period from approximately 1964 to 1973. The text is entirely in Persian (Farsi). Tehran: Qoqnoos, 2015.

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Böll, Henrich. The Lost Honour of Katharina Blum (Abroo-ye Az Dazt Rafte Katharina Blum). Fiction, 145 pages, 22 cm. Translated into Persian by Sharif Lankarani. The story deals with the sensationalism of tabloid news and the political climate of panic over Red Army Faction terrorism in the 1970s Federal Republic of Germany (also known as West Germany). The main character, Katharina Blum, is an innocent housekeeper whose life is ruined by an invasive tabloid reporter and a police investigation when the man with whom she has just fallen in love turns out to be wanted by the police because of a bank robbery. Later it turns out that he is not a bank robber: he is a deserter from the Army who had stolen money from his camp before deserting. The text is entirely in Persian (Farsi). Tehran: Intisharat-e Kharazmi, 1985. 2nd Edition. Softcover with paper dust jacket. The last page of the glossary is loose and the dust jacket shows signs of wear.  It is a good readable copy. The text is entirely in Persian. There is no ISBN or OCLC. 1 $19.99



Fanon, Frantz. Toward the African Revolution (Inquilab-e Africa). Political Science, 257 pages, 22 cm. Translated into Persian by Mohammad Amir Kardan. A collection of essays written between 1952 and 1961. There is significant wear and tear to the cover. Ink writing on the title page; clean apart from that. There is no ISBN. 1 $17.99



Fischer, Ernst. The Necessity of Art (Zarrut-i Hunar dar ravand-i takamul-i ijtima'i). Philosophy, 384 pages, 17 cm. Translated into Persian by Firuz Shirvanlu. This is a beautifully written meditation on art’s importance in viewing the world in which we live. In this wide-ranging and erudite exploration of literary and fine art, Fischer looks at the relationship between the creative imagination and social reality, arguing that truthful art must both reflect existence in all its flaws and imperfections, and help show how change and improvement might be brought about. The text is entirely in Persian. The binding is visibly damaged along the spine, but all pages are intact. 1 $37.00



Foucault, Michel. A Fourth Way. Philosophy, 402 pages, 22 cm. Translated into Persian by Ramin Jahanbegloo and Mansour Goudorzee.  Foucault's views on discourse and power. Click here for a more detailed description. The text is entirely in Persian (Farsi). Tehran: Nashre Ney, 2005. Fourth edition. There is some minor shelf wear along the bottom spine; all pages intact, like new otherwise.  1 $24.99



Gorky, Maxim. Madar. Fiction, 419 pages, 22 cm. Gorky's classic story of a factory worker who watches her son and co-worker become involved in the revolutionary movement - and, through helping him, finds her own voice. Text entirely in Persian (translated from Russian). Tehran: Ḥizb-i Tudah-i Īrān, 1973. The print is missing from the spine and the book shows signs of age. The pages are clean and the binding is very good. There is no ISBN. 1 $24.99



Kant Immanuel. Kritik der Reinen Vernunft (Critique of Pure Reason). Philosophy, 1166 pages, 25 cm. Kant explains that by a "critique of pure reason" he means a critique "of the faculty of reason in general, in respect of all knowledge after which it may strive independently of all experience" and that he aims to reach a decision about "the possibility or impossibility of metaphysics." He expounds on (then) new ideas on the nature of space and time and explores the concepts of analytic vs. synthetic judgments.  It has exerted an enduring influence on Western philosophy, and helped to bring about the development of German idealism. The book is considered a culmination of several centuries of early modern philosophy and an inauguration of modern philosophy. Tehran: Amir Kabir Verlag, 1983. Hardcover with dust jacket. The dust jacket shows some minor shelf wear and wrinkling around the edges.  The pages are clean and the binding is in very good condition. 1 $45.00



Malraux, Andre. Hope (Omid).  Fiction, 567 pages, 22 cm. Translated into Persian by Reza Husseini. Widely considered a masterpiece, this novel was inspired by Malraux's experiences during the Spanish Civil War of the late 1930s. The text is entirely in Persian (Farsi). Tehran: Intisharat-e Kharazmi, 1994.  Softcover with paper dust jacket. The dust jacket is torn and has been repaired with tape; there is some noticeable wear around the edges. There is a small hole through the cover and the first few pages. This is a good readable copy that will remain intact with careful handling. The text is entirely in Persian. There is no ISBN. Q1 $24.99 1 $24.99


Nesin, Aziz.  Kar Khane-ye Bachha-ye Sazee (The Baby-Making Factory). Fiction, 224 pages, 16.5 cm. Translated into Persian by Reza Hamrah.  A collection of 18 short stories by the Turkish satirist whose favorite targets were bureaucracy and hypocrisy. Tehran: Intisharat-e Pirooz, 1979. The text is entirely in Persian. There is noticeable cover wear, all pages intact and clean, binding good. 1 $12.99




Rolland, Romain. Jean Christophe (Zhan Kristof), Volumes 1 and 2. Fiction, 438 pages, 22 cm. Translated into Persian by M. A. Bih'azin. Rolland's novel was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1915. The central character, Jean-Christophe Krafft, is a German musician of Belgian extraction, a composer of genius whose life is depicted from cradle to grave. He undergoes great hardships and spiritual struggles, balancing his pride in his own talents with the necessity of earning a living and taking care of those around him. Tormented by injustices against his friends, forced to flee on several occasions as a result of his brushes with authority and his own conscience, he finally finds peace in a remote corner of Switzerland before returning in triumph to Paris a decade later. Tehran: Intisharat-e Ferdowsi, 1998. 9th Edition. Hardcover in fine condition. The text is entirely in Persian. The ISBN (9645509122) may be incorrect; the OCLC number is 458723042. 1 $49.00


Sartre, Jean-Paul. Devar (The Wall). Fiction, 128 pages, 21 cm. A novel by Jean-Paul Sartre, set during the Spanish Civil War, about three prisoners on the night before they are to be executed. Translated into Persian by Sadiq Hedayat (the text is entirely in Persian). Tehran: Jam-e Daran, 2003.

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Seth, Vikram. Yek khastigar-i khub (A Suitable Boy). Fiction, 864 pages, 24 cm. Set in India in the early 1950s, this novel is the story of families (the Kapoors, the Khans, and the Chatterjees) caught in a web of love and ambition, humor and sadness, prejudice and reconciliation, the most delicate social etiquette and the most appalling violence. Text entirely in Persian (Farsi). Tehran: Nashre Alborz, 1995. Hardcover with dust jacket; the dust jacket has several tears around the edges. The book is in fine condition. The text is entirely in Persian. There is no ISBN. OCLC: 35023411. 1 $49.99



Shamlu, Ahmad. Majmu`ah-yi asar. Fiction, 747 pages, 22 cm. Short stories by foreign authors translated into Persian. Tehran: Negah, 2004. 2nd Ed. Hardcover. The text is entirely in Persian.  Out of Stock   $70.00



Shamlu, Ahmad. Majmu`ah-yi asar: daftar-e duvom hamchum kuch-e-ye inteha (Collected Translations of Foreign Poets into Persian). Poetry, 618 pages, 22 cm. Tehran: Negah, 2005. 8th Ed. Hardcover. The text is entirely in Persian. Q0  Out of Stock   $50.00