Political Science and Sociology

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Abrahamian, Ervand. The Iranian Mojahedin. Political Science, 307 pages, 23 cm. A leading authority on Iranian political parties offers the first history of this little-known underground group. The text is entirely in English. New Haven: Yale University Press, 1989. Hardcover; no dust jacket. Clean pages, strong binding. The lower spine has some wear, possibly from a sticker being removed. The former owner's name is blacked out on the inside back cover. S 1 $24.99


Ahmadi, Babak. Marx va Siyasat-e Modern (Marx and Modern Politics). Sociology, 822 pages, 23 cm. an investigation of Marx's works, philosophy, and politics. The text is entirely in Persian (Farsi). Tehran: Nashr-e Markaz, 2000. 1st Edition. Hardcover with dust jacket.  S

There is some shelf wear on the edges of the dust jacket.

1 $75.00


Allahzadeh, Atabak. Khane-ye Daei Yusuf. Political Science, 355 pages, 22 cm. A history of Iranian political parties in the early 20th century. The text is entirely in Persian. Tehran: Nashre Qatrah, 2002. Some minor shelf wear around edges.  S 1 34.99
Behbahani, Farhad. Dar mihmānī-i Ḥāǧī Āqā wa dāstān-i yak iʻtirāf. Political Science, 384 pages, 22 cm. Regarding political prisoners in Iran after 1979. The text is entirely in Persian. Tehran: Intisharat-e Omid-e Farda, 2003.  Slight wear on spine; clean pages. S 1 $45.00
Bihadin, M.A. Mihman-e in Aqayan. Political Science, 155 pages, 17 cm. Political resistance and prisoners in Iran. Köln : Pahl-Rugenstein, 1975. The print on the spine is missing and the cover shows wear. The pages are clean and the binding is in fine condition. 1 $17.99


Chehabi, H. E. Iranian Politics and Religious Modernism: The Liberation Movement of Iran Under the Shah and Khomeini. History, 304 pages, 23 cm. An analysis of the Liberation Movement of Iran and an in-depth look at LMI leaders' beliefs, ideologies, and programs for action.  The text is entirely in English. Ithaca: Cornell University Press, 1990. Hardcover with dust jacket. The only flaw is a very small tear at the top of the dust cover. S 1 24.99
873191966 Engels, Friedrich. Dı̄āliktı̄k-i tabı̄'at. Political Science, 441 pages, 22 cm.  The application of Marxist ideas – particularly those of dialectical materialism – to science. Translated from German by F. Nasim. The text is entirely in Persian. Spånga (Sverige) : ISUS. There is no ISBN. S 1 $22.00
913236611 Engels, Friedrich. Manshaʼ-i khānavādah, mālikīyat-i khuṣūṣī va dawlat. Political Science, 266 pages, 20 cm. The origin of the family, private property, and the state. Translated from German by Massoud Ahmadzadeh. The text is entirely in Persian. Tehran: Intishārāt-i Sāzmān-i Chirīkʹhā-yi Fadāʼī-i Khalq, 1975.  There is noticeable cover wear, but the book is in good readable condition with clean pages.  There is no ISBN.  S 1 $17.99
  Fromm, Erich. Revolution of Hope: Towards a Humanized Technology. Sociology, 158 pages, 22 cm. 2nd Edition. Tehran:  Morvarid Publications, 1981. Text entirely in Persian. This book is in fair condition: there is significant cover wear. The pages are clean and intact, as is the binding. Softcover. There is no ISBN. R    




Naraqi, Hassan. Jami`ah’shinasi-i khvudimani: chara darmandah’im? Sociology, 155 pages, 22 cm. 6th Edition. Tehran: Nashri-Akhtaran, 2004. Text entirely in Persian. Softcover. This book has some minor shelf wear but is in very good, used condition. R  



Kasravi, Ahmad. Az Sazman-i Milal-i Muttafiq chih natijah tavan bud?: manshur-i milal-i muttahid va asasnamah-i divan-i bayn al-milali-i dadgustari.  History, 175 pages, 21 cm. A study of Iranian government and politics between 1941 and 1979. Text entirely in Persian. Softcover. 2 $21.99



Kasravi, Ahmad. Majmu‘ah-’i dar piramun-i khirad: va, Payam bih danishmandan-i Urupa va Amrika. Philosophy, 135 pages, 23 cm.  A treatise on the theory of knowledge. Text entirely in Persian. Tehran: Firdaws, 1999. 3 $24.99



Kasravi, Ahmad. Pindarha (Words). Sociology, 108 pages, 23 cm.  A review of superstition and its role in Persian culture and social development. Text entirely in Persian. 2nd Edition. Tehran: Firdaws, 1999. 2 $17.99
31031797 Marx, Karl. Capital: Volume 1. Political Science, 733 pages, 23 cm. Translated into Persian by Iraj Iskandari. Stassfurt [Germany]: Nashriyat-i Hizb-i Tudeh-ye Iran, 1974. Hardcover. The book shows signs of external wear: there is some damage on the front cover that was repaired with tape. The pages are clean and the binding is intact. Stassfurt [Germany]: Nashriyat-i Hizb-i Tudeh-ye Iran, 1974. There is no ISBN. S 1 $34.99


Mirtrabi, Seyed Saeed. Rizhim-i Shah va sazmanha-i huquq-i bashar: 1350-1357 (The Shah's Regieme and Human Rights Organisations: 1971-78). Sociology, 204 pages, 23 cm. Text entirely in Persian. Clean pages, no writing or highlighting, strong binding. It's obviously been read as there is some curling on the upper corners of the pages. S 1 $24.99


Mukhtari, Mohammad. Tamrīn-i mudārā : bīst maqālah dar bāzʹkhvānī-i farhang va ... Sociology, 383 pages, 22 cm. Text entirely in Persian. Tehran: Intishārāt-i Vīstār, 1998. Some shelf wear on cover; clean pages, good binding. S 1 $34.99
122962481 Shafa, Shojaeddin. Īrān dar chahārʹrāh-i sarnivisht : nāmah-ʼi sargushādah bih hamah-ʼi farzandān-i Īrān.  Political Science, 645 pages, 23 cm. Consists of articles previously published in the Persian language American weekly, Pardis. The text is entirely in Persian. Paris: Farzad, 2001. Hardcover. There is no ISBN. S 1 $45.00
924089767 Sokolov, Vasily. Moqademi bar Sayree Falsafeh dar Jahan-e Bastan va Qoroon-e Vosta. Sociology, 83 pages, 21 cm. The relationship between ancient and medieval motifs in philosophy. Translated from Russian by Majid Calcuttachi. The text is entirely in Persian. Tehran: Payam, 1977. There is some shelf wear on the cover and spine. No ISBN S 1 $16.99
495688790 Sperber, Manes. Naqd wa taḥlīl-i ǧabbāriyyat (To Analyse Tyranny), Sociology, 146 pages, 21 cm. Sperber's observations about a tyrant and the tyrannized. Translated from German by Karim Qasim. The text is entirely in Persian. Stockholm: Damavand, 1984. 1 $22.00