The Works of Ostad Ali Asghar Bahari by Mehdi Azarsina. 20 songs in 45 pages, softcover. Publisher: Soroosh, Persian Year 1373 (1994 CE). No ISBN  Q1   $17.99

23 Pieces: Pishdaramads & Rengs of Ostad Ali Akbarkhan Shahnazi. Persian classical music by one of the masters of the genre. The text is in Persian (Farsi). 68 Pages. ISBN: 9646409202. Publisher: Mahour Cultural Artistic Institute (1998). Q1  $17.99

Majmooe Az Asare Roknaldin Khan (Works of Roknaldin Khan) by Arshade Tamasbi. 52 pages, softcover. Publisher: Farhangi Mahour, Persian Year 1373 (1994 CE). 2nd Edition. No ISBN Q2 $17.99


Darvish Khan (1872-1926) was a Persian classical musician and a tar player. He is best remembered for adding a sixth cord to this instrument in order to extend its tuning possibilities and to enhance its sound. He is known to have invented 'pish-daramad', a free-standing composition played at the beginning of a performance. The works of this well-known classical tar player are presented in this softcover book. Mahour Institute of Culture and Art, Persian Year 1367 (1988 CE). The limited text is in Persian (Farsi) but the sheet music can be read by anyone. Paperback: 83 pages. Publisher: Mahour Institute of Culture and Art (1988).  Language: Persian.  ISBN: 9646409113. Q0 $24.99 Out of Stock