Literary Criticism and Analysis




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Ahmadi, Babak.Sākhtār va harmunūtīk. Lit Criticism, 135 pages, 22 cm. The text is entirely in Persian. Tehran: Gam-i Naw, 2001. Some shelf wear on the front cover. There is no writing or highlighting inside.  S 1 $27.99

9789642240114 Dakani, Parviz Abassi. Shams-e Man va Khoda-ye Man. Lit Criticism, 503 pages, 24 cm. 2nd Edition. An investigation into Movlana Jalal-uddin Molavi Rumi's life and his relationship with Shams-e Tabrizi. Text entirely in Persian. Tehran: Nashre Elm, 1390 (2011 CE). Hardcover.

Note: one of these two copies has slight binding issues; all pages are intact and will remain so with reasonably careful handling.

2 $55.00



Dehkhoda, Ali Akbar, and Mohammad Dabir Siaqi.  Maqalat-e Dehkhoda. Lit Criticism, 291 pages, 24 cm. 2nd Edition. Assorted notes and literary criticism of Dehkhoda's most famous novels. The text is entirely in Persian. Tehran: Intisharat-i Akhavan-i Khurasani, 1971.  S 1 $34.99

Kadkani, Mohammad Reza Shafii.  En Kimya-ye Hasti.  Lit Criticism, 464 pages, 22 cm. 3rd Edition. A collection of Kadkani's articles and notes analyzing the works of Hafez. Kadkani includes analyses of the works Hafez translated from Arabic to Farsi. This is an excellent resource for in-depth scholars of Hafez as well as Sufism.  Click here to view the table of contents.  Tehran: Aydin Publications, 1388 (2009 CE). Hardcover. 1 $45.00



Kasravi, Ahmad. Dar piramun-i adabiyat. History, 195 pages, 23 cm. A critical history of Persian literature. Text entirely in Persian. Tehran: Intisharat-i Firdaws, 1999. Out of Stock 0 $27.99
Safah, Zabi'allah. Tarikh-e Adabiyat-e Iran (History of Iranian Literature). Lit Criticism, 428 pages, 22 cm. Abridged, 3rd Edition.  The publisher and ISBN are not identified. This book was published in 1362 (1983 CE).  It is a trade paperback with noticeable shelf wear on the cover. The pages are clean and intact with no writing or highlighting inside. This is a good readable copy. Softcover.  S 1 $32.00

Yousefi, Faride. Women in the Shahnameh: Social and Political Places. Lit Criticism, 214 pages, ill, 27 cm. With text in both English and Persian (107 pages each), this book presents an analysis of the role of Persian women, not only as portrayed in Ferdowsi's epic poem but also in the socio-political context of the times.Tehran: Shelfin Publications, 2007. 214 pages. No ISBN. Softcover.