Kalengha yam ra Doost Daram: Shenaknam-e-ye Hassan BaniHashemi (I Love My Seashells: The Films of Hassan BaniHashemi).  This limited edition publication chronicles the life and films of documentarian and filmmaker Hassan BaniHashemi. Click here for more information (in Persian). Edited by Alireza Mohseni. Tehran: Nashre Haft Rang, 1391 (2012 CE). 22 cm. 243 pages. Text entirely in Persian (Farsi). Softcover. $39.99 Out of Stock
Sal Shoma-re tariq-e cinema-ye Iran (A Century of Iranian Cinema), chronicling Iranian film from 1279-1379 (1900-2000 CE).  Written by Homa Javidani.  Tehran: Katray, 1381 (2002 CE).  Book size is 21.5 cm x 14 cm (approx. 8.5" x 5.5").  436 pages.  Text entirely in Persian. Softcover. $35.00 Out of Stock