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no ISBN Baastani, Fatemeh. Badeleh Poushan: Women's and Men's Clothing Hormozgan. 108 pages, col ill, 17 cm. A collection of traditional clothing worn in the Persian Gulf region. Click here for sample photos.  Text entirely in Persian. Bandar Abbas: Mehrtab Publications, 2012. Hardcover. 1 $45.00


Khaṭībīʹzādah, Muḥammad. Pūshish-i mardum-i Hurmuzgān. Fashion, 134 pages, 22 cm. A collection of traditional clothing worn in the Persian Gulf region.  This volume focuses on women's traditional dress. Click here for sample photos. Shiraz: Ilaf, 2010. Text entirely in Persian. Hardcover. 1 $45.00


Iranian Folk Embroidery (Soozandoozi haie Sonati Iran) by Montakheb Sabah. Fashion, 328 pages, col ill, 27 cm. This book provides an in-depth look at the history of this popular form of folk art.  Intricate patterns are shown from thread-and-needle beginnings to stunning finished designs.  With many illustrations and photographs (click here for samples), this book will give you many hours of enjoyment - and perhaps inspire you to create your own designs!  Text entirely in Persian.  Hardcover with dust jacket. Shipping weight 3.3 lbs  1 $75.00


Riyazi, Mohammad Reza.  Tarhha va Nuqushi Labasha va Baftahhayi Sasani. Fashion, 357 pages, col ill, 23.5 cm. This book describes and illustrates clothing and dress of the Sassanid Era. Tehran: Ganjinahi Honar, 2003. Includes bibliographical references.  Text entirely in Persian. Softcover, 22 cm x 23.5 cm (8.6" x 8.75")  $35.00 Out of Stock 0  



Gheibi, Mehrassa, Ed.  An 8,000 History of Persian Costume (Hasht hizār sāl-i tārīkh-i pūshāk-i aqvām-i Īrānī).  Fashion, 708 pages, ill, some color, 25 cm. A comprehensive guide to Persian fashions throughout the centuries, including the Qajar Era.  Fully illustrated with both black-and-white and color plates. Tehran: Hirmand, 2006.  There are 668 pages in Persian with 38 pages in English.  $55.00 Out of Stock 0