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Bakhtiar, Shapur. Yakrangi. Political Science, 271 pages, 22 cm. Bakhtiar's autobiography. The text is entirely in Persian. Paris: Nashr-i Khāvarān, 2006.  S 1 $45.00



Behnud, Massoud.  Kushtah'gan bar Sar-i Qudrat. Biography, 711 pages, ill., 22 cm. An approximate translation of the title is, "They Died for Power." This book is an exploration of political and royal figures who were eventually assassinated, including an examination of Hoveyda's association with the Freemason society. The text is entirely in Persian. Tehran: Nashre Elm, 2006. 3rd Edition. Hardcover. 1 $65.00



Behnud, Massoud. En Se Zan.  Biography, 462 pages, ill., ports., 23 cm. The title's English translation is "These Three Women." It is a biographical treatment of Ashraf Pahlavi, Maryam Firooz, and Iran Taymurtash, three very different but very influential women in Iranian society. The book features more than 80 historical photographs, including many of the Pahlavi royal family. Tehran: Nashre Elm, 1379 (CE 1998). Hardcover with noticeable wear and tear on the dust jacket.  R 1 $75.00
R Farokh, Mehdi. Shajareh-ye Kabesay. Biography, 132 pages, ill., ports, 21.5 cm. Biographical profiles of four individuals considered traitors. Tehran: Intisharat-e Razi, 1363 (CE 1984).  2nd Edition. Some shelf wear on cover; clean pages, good binding. 1 $12.99


Naraghi, Ehsan. Az kakh-i Shah ta Zindan-i Ivin (From Palace to Prison: Inside the Iranian Revolution). Biography, 518 pages, 24 cm. An unusual and illuminating account of the Iranian revolution of 1979, based upon the author's long conversations with Shah M. R. Pahlavi in the weeks before his downfall, and upon his own 33-month experience in Evin Prison.  This is the first testimony to come from a survivor of the Islamic Republic's jails. Text entirely in Persian. Tehran: Rasa Publications, 1993. There is no ISBN; OCLC = 871988408. This is a used softcover without illustrations; there is some cover wear and an ink marking on the last page. R
1 $35.00


Nurizadeh, Alireza. Sunāyi Zafirānīah : ravāyat Sahar "mashuqah Saʻīd Imamī" az qatlha-̄yi zanjirahʹī.  Biography, 233 pages, 23 cm. About the former the Iranian deputy minister of intelligence from 1984-1999. Saeed Emami is accused of having independently organized the assassinations of dissidents (known as the "chain murders"). He was later arrested and imprisoned by the government he worked for. Text entirely in Persian. Essen : Nima Verlag, 2001.  S 1 $29.99
Parsipour, Shahrnoosh. Khāṭirāt-i zindān. Biography, 518 pages, 21 cm. The author's experience as a political prisoner in post-revolution Iran. Text entirely in Persian. Spånga, Sweden : Nashr-i Bārān, 1998.  S 1 $45.00


Zanjani, Ibrahim. Khāṭirāt-i Shaykh Ibrāhīm Zanjāni: sarʹguz̲asht-i zindagānī-i man. Biography, 253 pages, 22 cm. The autobiography of a cleric activist (1856-1934) who advocated for constitutional reform during the latter days of the Qajar Dynasty. Tehran: Intisharat-i Kavir, 2001. Gently used with minor shelf wear. S 1 $24.99