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Item No. 2032



khatam karee means "hand-inlaid."  To inlay is to apply wood or other materials in geometric shapes to decorate the surface of various objects. The average is 250 pieces for every cubic centimeter of inlaid work.  Commonly used materials include wood from different types of trees and metals.

The paintings show Persian women with costumes evocative of the year CE 800. The setting is reminiscent of Omar Khayyam; inside is tomb of Sultan Uljaitu in Soltaneye. Built in CE 1310, it was said that at the time it was built it was better than the Taj Mahal. The paintings show a caravan of camels passing in front of the old tomb. Archaeologists, anthropologists and architects will especially enjoy this fine piece, and it would be a treasured heirloom. The carved pieces on the outside give the impression that the entire board is carved, but it is really inlaid.

The pieces and die are included; the pieces also feature the same khatam pattern. This item would make an excellent gift for anyone who is fond of fine craftsmanship, folk arts, decorators or anyone looking for that extra touch of class for their home - even if they don't play backgammon! (But it is very easy to learn)

Backgammon pieces are included.  Note: piece packaging may vary.

Dimensions: Height 6 cm (approx. 2.5") (when closed); 39 cm (approx. 15.5") square.

Shipping weight 15 pounds.