Frequently Asked Questions


Q1. What is the weight of the backgammon boards?

  A1. The average weight is 8 pounds before they are packed for shipment. After packing, the weight is normally about 12 pounds, but this can vary.
  Q2. Are these antique boards?
  A2. No, they are new.
  Q3. How good is the quality of these boards?
  A3. There are some minor imperfections and discolorations that are to be expected from items which are hand-made. If you are thinking that hand-made items will be exactly the same as machine-made and/or you are a perfectionist, then these are not for you.
  Q4. What are the pieces made of?
  A4. Wooden boards have wooden pieces, but we do not know what kind of wood. The khatam boards also have wooden pieces with the same khatam inlay. All pieces have felt bottoms to prevent scratching during play.
  Q5. The wooden slats that keep the pieces in place during play are loose and come out.
  A5. They are supposed to come out; this is because wood can expand and contract depending on humidity.