Item Details

Item No. 2042


This board was made in Iran by Riyan Choob (wood). As shown in the photos above, the item is new. 

The pictures above provide detailed views of the front and back of the board. It is primarily a backgammon board, but also doubles as a chessboard, complete with an illustration of the Faravahar, the emblem of Zoroastrianism.  This was the original religion of the Persian people before the Arab conquest of the 7th century.

The color variations are due to changes in lighting and shadow.  It includes a full set of backgammon pieces and dice along with a cloth carrying bag.

Dimensions: 48 cm (approximately 18.75") square; height when closed 6 cm (approximately 2.25"). The shipping weight is approximately 6 pounds.

This item would make an excellent gift for anyone who is fond of fine craftsmanship, folk arts, decorators or anyone looking for that extra touch of class for their home - even if they don't play backgammon! (But it is very easy to learn)